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Sports Injury Specialist in West Delhi

Many people play sports in some way or another either just to have fun in the backyard or to compete with opposing teams. According to the Sports Injury Specialist in West Delhi, playing sports is a great option for doing active exercise that broadly benefits the overall health of a person, but, sometimes these health benefits prevail over undesirable things like an injury. Physical damage that occurs while playing the sports is termed as a sports injury, this can range from minor to serious. Typically, the injuries occur due to certain factors including improper equipment, poor training practices, flawed techniques, or can just be an unfortunate accident. This can also happen if a player is not physically fit for a specific sport.

The most common types of sports injury are:

Sports Injury Specialist in West Delhi Strains – this is the most common type of injury that happens while playing sports or during the time of practice. Best Sports injury specialist in West Delhi states that a sprain occurs when a band of connective tissue that combines bones to each other, commonly called ligaments, tears or are overstretched. A sprain commonly occurs in the ankles, knees, or wrist.

Knee injuries – Several players go for a sports injury treatment in Delhi. Another most common sports injury is the knee injury, which can be mild to severe. Mild knee injuries include iliotibial band syndrome, pain or stiffness around the kneecap, and tendonitis (inflammation or degeneration with a tendon). On the other hand, severe knee injuries include damage to knee cartilage or ligaments which can be: the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the medial collateral ligament (MCL), and the lateral collateral ligament (LCL).

Shin splints – A shin splint is a condition where the pain around the shin bone (tibia) occurs. The pain is usually experienced at the front outside part of the lower leg. A spin splint in the foot and ankle are called an anterior shin splint. Shin splints are common injuries among runners. The best sports injury specialist in West Delhi suggests warming up the body to prevent sports injury.