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Dislocations and Fractures of the Patella

Disorders of the patella are quite common conditions, they can occur on a normal knee or previously affected by congenital diseases. From a clinical point of view, there are spontaneous or aggravated pain due to flexion of the leg, they may have variable intensity.

When the knee is inspected, the displaced patella is observed and in its place, a depression occurs. Hydrarthrosis can accompany the condition, without being important.

The treatment of luxation is orthopedic or compressive bandage can be used. In severe cases, it may be possible to reach the patellectomy. Recovery through physical therapy is mandatory.

The fractures of the patella can occur both directly and indirectly, by an exaggerated flexion of the calf.

Clinically, pain occurs, joint swelling, hemarthrosis, functional impotence. At the touch of the knee, the displaced fragments are noticed.

The treatment of fractures may vary depending on the severity. It goes from rest to bed, compressive bandage, to gypsum cast, patellectomy. The walk can be resumed after about three weeks.

The recovery of the fractured knee is made from the period of immobilization: treating inflammation, ensuring lymphatic drainage, maintaining muscle tone, recovering after the end of immobilization by passive exercises done by kinetotherapist in water, but also by active movements, reinventing the gait at the beginning with carriage and then with a cane., reconfiguration to the orthostatic position, toning of the muscles, joint mobilization and regaining the amplitude of flexion, are the steps that will have to be followed.

Prophylactic treatment is a very important one, in that the sudden movements at the knee level will be avoided by the performance athletes but also by the elderly and children who have increased sensitivity at this level.