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    The Neo Orthopaedic Clinic is one of the finest and most trusted orthopedic clinic in Delhi. With the team of the best talent in orthopedic surgery and treatment, The Neo Orthopedic Clinic is applauded and gained paramount reputation since a decade (past ten years) for doing the fine work. We are now recognized all over Delhi-NCR for giving the finest treatment in general orthopedics, joint replacement surgery, arthroscopy surgery, trauma surgery, ankle replacement surgery, hand, spine, arthritis, sports medicine, reconstructive surgery etc. The clinic also has state of the art facilities and an ultra modern physiotherapy centre
    Our partner hospitals where our surgeons perform the surgeries are Bensups Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital and Metro Hospital, Dwarka. Our specialities include medical and surgical treatments for arthritis, joint replacements for knee, hip, shoulder and elbow, (both imported or Indian implants), fibreoptic anthroscopy of joints, nonunion and malunion of fractures, ligament injuries, reconstructive surgeries, specialized lizarov surgery (limb lengthening procedure), correction of deformities, spinal surgeries (disc problems, spondylitis, pinched nerves, spine fractures, deformities, scholiosis and tumours), paediatric orthopedics and industrial injuries. The Neo Orthopaedic Clinic is headed by:

    Dr Ashu Consul
    MBBS, MS (Ortho), M.Ch. (Ortho), Research Fellow Arthroscopy

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  • Knee Joint Replacement Clinic in Delhi

    The Knee Joint is formed, where the thigh bone (femur) and the shin bone (Tibia) meet. The joint surfaces are covered with smooth and shiny cartilage, which facilates the bony ends to glide smoothly over each other. There are also structures like the menisci (shock absorbers) and ligaments, which aid support and stability to the knee joint…

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    Dr. Ashu Consul MBBS, MS (Ortho), M.Ch (Ortho), Research Fellow Anthroscopy A Senior Consultant at The Neo Orthopedic Clinic, Dr. Consul is well-respected and praised in the field of orthopedic in Delhi-NCR. A famous orthopedic and anthroscopy specialist who is practicing in the Delhi-NCR region, Dr. Consul has an in-depth knowledge of orthopedics. His key […]

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    Orthopaedic Trauma

    The orthopaedic trauma team has tremendous experience with fractures and is highly integrated with the general surgery, hand surgery, spine surgery, and neurosurgery trauma teams.
    The orthopaedic trauma team maintains an aggressive surgical approach to all fractures admitted to the UCLA Emergency Medicine Center either as paramedic transports or as transfers from community hospitals.

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