Shoulder replacement surgery in Delhi aims to replace worn surfaces of the joint with artificial prostheses.

Usually, the prosthesis consists of two parts: a spherical component, which replaces the head of the humerus. It is a metal sphere mounted on a rod which fits into the humerus. It consists of one or two parts: a separate rod and a spherical part which adapt to each other and the glenoid component, which replaces the glenoid on the scapula. It is generally made of polyethylene, although some versions have a metallic coating.

There are two types of shoulder replacement in Delhi: total arthroplasty and resurfacing of the joint.
shoulder-replacement-surgery-in-Delhi Like a natural joint, the muscles and tendons that surround it ensure the stability of the prosthesis. In some cases, the humeral head must be replaced with a prosthetic glenoid and the glenoid with a prosthetic head. This is called an inverted prosthesis. Your orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi may also opt for resurfacing of the joint instead of an arthroplasty.

The shoulder prostheses are made of metal alloy and polyethylene (plastic) and allow to restore mobility and alleviate or eliminate pain. The prostheses are designed to create a new, perfectly mobile joint and eliminate all pain due to contact between the bones. Your orthopaedic surgeon in West Delhi will choose a total or partial arthroplasty according to your state of health and taking into account the degree of impact of osteoarthritis on the joint.

Total shoulder prosthesis

During total shoulder replacement surgery in Delhi, the humeral head and the glenoid component are both replaced.

Depending on the degree of wear on your shoulder, your surgeon may decide to replace only the humeral head: this intervention is then called hemiarthroplasty.

The components are available in several shapes and sizes. They are maintained using special bone cement (cemented prosthesis) or are embedded in the bone without cement (cementless prosthesis).

Reasons for Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Delhi (Indications)

The common reason is a pain in the shoulder, which may be due to Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis and other problems in the joint. The replacement may be partial (Hemiarthroplasty) or Total (including the Glenoid) shoulder replacement.

Preparation before Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Please keep in mind that your arm that is going to be operated on is going to be in a sling for at least 6 weeks. So, you may wish to make arrangements for home help during the period or make adjustments accordingly to your home. Doing a mock immobilisation of your arm in a sling around the house may give you an idea of the limitations that you are likely to face at your home, in the postoperative period.

The Procedure of Shoulder Replacement

A skin incision is made in the groove between the Deltoid (shoulder) and Pectoral (chest) muscles. Through the careful dissection of skin, fat, fascia, muscle and capsule, the shoulder joint is approached. The joint surfaces are carefully prepared and the prostheses (artificial joints) are implanted. They may be cemented or un-cemented.

After implantation, the tissues are carefully repaired back and dressings are applied. The arm is immobilised in a sling.

In general, the intervention lasts about two hours. A longitudinal incision of about ten to fifteen centimetres is made along the front of the shoulder joint. Surgery is most commonly done under general anaesthesia.

Post-operative rehabilitation after Shoulder Replacement Surgery

You may have to wear your arm in a sling out of the operating room. Continue to wear it as long as your orthopaedic doctor in Delhi or physiotherapist prescribes it. The length of your hospital stay depends on many factors. Your surgeon is best placed to advise you.

Once you are comfortably mobilising, with your arm in a sling, you will be discharged home. Your shoulder will be immobilised, giving the tissues a chance to heal and gradually over weeks and months, you will be advised to increase your activity.

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