Ankle Replacement in Delhi Severe ankle pain due to major joint damage can be debilitating and that’s where ankle replacement surgery in Delhi comes in. It’s an effective pain relief option and is taken up only when conservative methods of relieving pain or deformities in the ankle are unsuccessful. Multiple techniques are used for ankle replacement surgery to allow relief from pain and regain stability.

The ankle is a weight-bearing joint and carries the body’s full weight, so it is very important to treat a painful ankle. Before you go in for ankle replacement surgery it is a good idea to learn more about ankle surgery options—including ankle replacement and ankle fusion( arthrodesis). Contact us for more details on what type of surgery your condition may require.

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Dr. Ashu Consul

Dr. Ashu Consul MBBS, MS (Ortho), M.Ch (Ortho), Research Fellow Arthroscopy(ICMR) Dr. Ashu Consul...

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