Neglected or partially treated trauma is quiet frustrating for a patient as long time is elapsed but functional recovery is still not there. Sometimes due to lack of availability of good orthopedician or due to mishandling by osteopaths patient’s injury got neglected.

They reach us in very bad shape, fracture either not united or malunited with deformity, nearby joints are stiff, some times they had infection also with pouring pus. Sometimes there is bone defect also with a lot of scarring due to repeated surgeries.

In our center, we treated many such patients with good functions outcome. most of these patients need a multidisciplinary approach with team of orthopedic surgeon in Delhi, plastic surgeon, and physiotherapist working together.

We use the very latest technique of MASQUELET TWO-STAGE BONE GRAFTING, in which bone defect with or without infection can be treated without Ilizarov, as Ilizarov is cumbersome for patient and it requires repeated followups. With this technique even up to 20 cm of bone defect can be build up without any Ilizarov or other methods of bone lengthening. it takes less time than conventional methods with no requirement for a patient to tighten nuts of the frame ( external fixator).